IT Services

We provide a full range of IT services to businesses of all sizes and home users in the San Francisco Bay Area and since 1998!

Some of the industries that we have supported over the years are:  Accountants/accounting departments, Education, Financial Institutions, Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Automotive Shops, Towing Sites, Online Retailers, Medical Billing Offices, Lawyers, Dentists, City Garages, Unions, Gyms, Plumbers, Non-Profit Agencies, Banks  and of course house calls to Home Users!


We install, configure, repair and maintain into any homogenous or mixed networks; windows computers, all apple laptops/desktops, routers, firewalls, servers, networked printers, email and web servers, wireless access points, smart phones, video surveillance via ethernet cabling and/or via the TCP/IP protocol, CCTV cabling, employee time clocks & time cards, off-site server backups, web design, cat5/ethernet data cabling, deployment of wireless access points, payroll services, security from the desktop level to the network/firewall and website and much more.


On the more complex/artistic side we also do graphic and web design, complete re-install of failing operating systems plus data recovery and restoration, virus removals, e-commerce, VPNs, Vlans, Cisco’s ios configuration,  deployment of CMS solutions, DVR installation & network configuration for remote access via smartphones.